2018 Design Awards Program

The New York Upstate Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, in an effort to encourage the participation by and recognition of landscape architects, and to better familiarize the public with their activities and projects, announces the Annual Awards Program for 2017. The program recognizes a full spectrum of innovative projects and efforts executed by individuals, firms, agencies, and academic institutions. 

All awards will be announced and presented at the Annual Awards Celebration on March 15 at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Submission Deadline: November 19, 2018


Honor Award of Excellence
An award for projects representing the highest professional standards. 

Merit Award of Achievement
An award recognizing professional work of significant quality, innovation or professional impact.


  1. Built Design
    This category includes streetscapes, waterfronts, park and recreation projects, commercial and industrial projects, subdivisions and residential developments.

  2. Unbuilt Design
    This category includes conceptual and developed designs prepared for a client, but never constructed.

  3. Residential Design
    Residential design projects.

  4. Planning & Analysis
    Including transportation/urban/regional/community planning, government policies, programs or regulations.

  5. Research and Communication
    This category includes research projects that address challenges in the field of Landscape Architecture and projects that communicate history, theory, or practice of Landscape Architecture to those within or outside of the profession.

  6. Historic Preservation
    This category includes projects focused on historic preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and projects related to the inventory of historic resources.


Criteria for Judging All Projects:
Relation to context; functionalism; environmental responsibility and sustainability; relevance to the profession, the public and the environment; quality of communication including graphics.

Criteria for Judging Design (Built, Unbuilt and Residential):
Quality of design and clarity of expression; quality of graphics; quality of execution (for built projects).

Criteria for Judging Planning and Analysis: 
Quality of planning and analysis; effective use, presentation or programming of landscape architectural techniques; likelihood of implementation; and value to the client and other professions. Criteria for Research, Historic

Research and Communication:
Quality of research and analysis; how the research is framed; methods of inquiry; clarity of communicating ideas to the intended audience; opportunities for landscape architecture to have a significant impact on the environment or decision making.

Historic Preservation:
Quality of research and analysis; how the research is framed; methods of inquiry; clarity of communication.

Please email Terry, Award Program Coordinator, terry@riversorg.com with any questions about the program.