NYUASLA is a chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the national professional association representing landscape architects.  Members of ASLA automatically become members in their local/state chapter.  Join Online Today!

By joining the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), you will benefit from a wide range of educational opportunities and countless resources and tools to heighten your success and connect you with your peers. 

As Your Career ConnectionASLA unites you with more than 15,000 members nationwide; membership provides local and national networking and professional development opportunities. The connections you make can help your career move forward. You also gain access to the latest news and trends in the industry—including the award-winning Landscape Architecture Magazine each month and access to affordable continuing education.

Watch the video below, to see why joining ASLA is the most important career investment you can make!

Membership Benefits 

Protect and Enhance the Integrity of the Profession ASLA provides landscape architects a united presence and a voice to determine the future of the profession. ASLA gives landscape architects an identity.

Continuing Education ASLA provides hundreds of programs, including audio conferences, to keep landscape architects current.

Marketing Your Value Landscape architects combine their resources to successfully market to potential clients. ASLA promotes your value every day.

Networking Opportunities ASLA members network to stay connected to their profession, to make professional contacts, to find a job, to stay tuned to legislative happenings, and to stay abreast of current events. 

Informational Resources Available when you need it, in the form you need it. Publications, ASLA Online, or access to reference and research services via the ASLA Professional Practice Library -- you decide.www.asla.org You will have access to the "Members Only" section of the ASLA website for sample contract documents, business indicator surveys, technical information and more.

Landscape Architecture Magazine Members need to stay on the cutting edge of design and technology in the industry. This excellent resource is included with each membership.