Continuing Education

It is essential that licensed landscape architects remain current with changes and developments in the profession in order to provide quality services and to ensure public health, safety, and welfare. In order to renew your registration as a landscape architect, NYS requires you to complete 36 hours of continuing education (CE) in each three-year registration period.

Planning an event with LA CES Credit

NYUASLA is a registered provider within the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) and will gladly work with your organization to promote your event and provide CE credits through this ASLA system. Below is general information about what is needed to provide credits at an event.  After reviewing, please contact the Chapter’s CE Coordinator, Steve Lauzun, with any questions or to start the review of your sessions.

Beginning the Process:

  • For events that are not sponsored by the Chapter, there is a flat fee to review the course(s) and promote the event with e-mail blasts, social media and through our website. This fee is in addition to the fee attendees pay to cover the costs of providing individual certificates.

  • If the Chapter receives enough fees from your conference attendees, this flat fee will be refunded.

  • If you would like to move ahead with LA CES registration simply let us know via e-mail. Our chapter manager will invoice your organization and our CE coordinator will contact you to arrange all the details. We request that you make this decision a minimum of 6 weeks before the event.

Things to Note When Planning a Course:

  • All courses must begin and end with the official LA CES slides , which will be provided.

  • Learning objectives must be included following the initial LA CES slide.  They must be clear, actionable, specific, and attained during the session.  There are typically 3 for a 1-credit session, 5 to 6 for a longer session.

  • The information presented between the LA CES slides must not have any commercial content.  No company logos, product names, etc. are allowed.

  • The minimum 1.0 credit course requires 50 minutes of instructional time with 10 minutes of Q&A.  1.5 credits require 75 minutes, etc.

Register for Credits & Payment:

  • Payment for the CE fees can be built into your registration process or the Chapter can set up a PayPal site where attendees can pay their fees directly.

  • There is a standard per certificate fee for ASLA members. Landscape architects who are not members of the ASLA are still eligible to receive credit but at a higher non-member price. It is possible to bundle two or three classes presented at the same event into one certificate to reduce the overall cost to your attendee.

  • For longer, intensive courses where a single session provides 3 or more credit hours, the Chapter will charge a flat rate per credit hour.

Information Required for Review and Approval – please provide 2 weeks prior to the event.

  1. A PDF copy of each presentation.

  2. A Resume or Bio of the presenter for our files.

  3. A completed course description with title, description and learning objectives.  This is available from our CE coordinator and also from the Chapter website.

Receiving Credit for the Course:

  • The Chapter will prepare a group Sign-in Sheet and an Individual Course Evaluation Forms for each session.

  • Typically, chapter members are in attendance and we coordinate with them to process the forms.  If this will not be the case, our chapter manager will contact you with information on how to handle the forms.

After the Course:

  • The Sign-in and Evaluation Forms are returned to our chapter manager at The Rivers Organization.

  • The Rivers Organization will send electronic certificates to each participant, upload the course roster(s) to LA CES and help with any fee or documentation issues.

CE Credits for Speakers :

  • Speakers who wish to receive credit for their presentation must complete the same Sign-In form given to attendees at their session plus a special Speaker Evaluation Form. 

  • New York State allows speakers to receive full credit for the time presenting, plus two hours of prep time for each hour of presentation.  So, for example, a speaker will receive a total of three credit hours for a one-hour presentation.

  • The certificate for the actual presentation time will be an official LA CES certificate.  The credit for the preparation time will be documented in a certificate but cannot be uploaded to the LA CES database.

  • A speaker certificate will be provided at no charge.  Speakers who wish to receive CE for other sessions at the conference must register and pay for any additional credits.